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Here are some of the programs, seminars, tools, partner institutions and affiliates inspiring strategic thought and facilitating dialogue to advance the Kingdom.

The Importance of the Five-Fold Ministry

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment - Discovering your true identity and learning your grace mix.
What you will gain from a DPL Workshop
Developing People Literacy Seminar

All of us have developed behavioral patterns—distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting. The central core of our patterns tends to remain stable because it reflects our individual identity’s. However, the demands of various environments often require different responses that evolve into a particular behavioral style.​


Everybody is interested in finding out more about themselves—and how to deal with others more effectively. –PeopleSmart


WORKSHOP GOAL: To increase our level of "People Literacy"


  1. Understand how and why others misunderstand you.

  2. To understand how and why you misunderstand others.

  3. To understand who you are, why you are motivated the way you are and why you do the things you do.

  4. To understand, respect, and value others and their individual differences in order to communicate and interact with them more effectively.

  5. To understand how different styles work together and complement one another to increase effectiveness and productivity.

What you will gain from a DLS Workshop
Dimensional Leadership Styles Seminar

The multi-dimensional, transformational leader knows that effective leadership requires a wide range of competencies and skills. They have learned the art-form of agility and are able to adapt to the challenges before them. They possess a high level of self-awareness, others-awareness and situational- awareness. They continually grow their emotional intelligence often referred to as Emotional Quotient (EQ) which in turn increases their Adaptability Quotient (AQ).


The Dimensions Development Process


A. Discover your primary leadership dimension (i.e. your Default setting)


B. Learn about the psychological drivers, motivations, and blind spots typical of leaders with your style.


C. Reflect on what really matters most in your leadership development right now.


D. Once you identify the dimension(s) in which you would like to grow, begin to lay out an action plan for growth.

Adaptability plus workshop and assessment
Adaptability plus workshop and assessment
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