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Our Impact

Kingdom Leadership International has earned a reputation for turning Kingdom revelation and strategic ideas into action and impact in the real world. KLI provides leadership to a diverse spectrum of influencers in churches, businesses, education and government.


Our impact in the business community varies in scope, from multi billion dollar publicly traded corporations and franchises to private entrepreneurs, investors and consultants, touching numerous sectors of industry, both public and private in the U.S. and abroad.  We have helped integrate Kingdom principles into corporate policy and practice with measurable results impacting the business culture and the bottom line. The success of our programs have helped us earn a reputation that continues to provide opportunities for expansion while broadening our influence. Our private consulting has directly resulted in strategic decisions that have increased overall market value, produced revenue and helped advanced the Kingdom.


Kingdom Leadership International has a significant and continuing impact in government at the local, national, and international level.  Our influence includes privately mentoring and consulting leaders on an individual basis as well as in larger group settings, whether providing insight to specific situations or equipping leaders to find and fulfill their Kingdom purpose as they navigate the political landscape. Our strategic relationships provide an opportunity for impacting a diverse array of leaders from local city council members to the halls of the House and Senate and those in the Executive Branch here in the United States.  However, our increasing influence extends beyond the borders of the United States and reaches to East Africa as we advance the Kingdom around the world. 


We are having a powerful impact in education from elementary school to graduate levels both in the U.S. and overseas. Development of strategic programs, innovative curriculum and implementation of reproducible systems to drive needed change have proven effective. In addition to our existing efforts, we are launching pilot programs of our GPS curriculum next year. GPS (gifts, purpose, strategy) is an innovative system that facilitates the students understanding of who they are personally, what their God given purpose is, and guides them through a process of building a strategy for finding their place in the marketplace or the marketplace of higher learning. They are challenged to discover their calling while they prepare for their career.


Kingdom Leadership International actively works to influence churches of every size and scope across denominational lines in the United States and in nations around the world.  "Kingdomizing" the church and working with church leaders to address the challenges of effective ministry in today's shifting culture are a hallmark of our work. We work with leaders no matter their denominational affiliation to bring them to personal revelation of the Kingdom of God, transforming their leadership, as well as shifting their church from religion to Kingdom. We work to guide them through the challenges unique to the time we are living in and provide valuable insight and assistance in addressing the issues of today's shifting cultural, political and social landscape.

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