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Our Mission

Kingdom Leadership International (KLI) is a nonprofit research and educational think tank committed to developing ambitious and actionable strategies for the global advancement of God’s Kingdom in every area of life.


We drive change by advancing practical ideas to address the challenges of effective ministry in today’s shifting culture through our strategic insight, relationships and expertise.


We bring together people from diverse backgrounds, experience and points of view.


We cultivate and support "Kingdom-minded" leaders in communities, industries and cultures around the world.


We work to develop human, financial and systemic resources to advance the Kingdom of God.


We turn Kingdom revelation and strategic ideas into action and impact for influencers, churches, businesses, educators, government.

Conferences & Events

We conduct Kingdom Quake Conferences and Summits to expose the public to new revelation, offer the opportunity to engage with experts and thought leaders and learn practical action steps to drive personal  change.

Seminars & Workshops

We offer in-depth  college level Seminars and training programs that incorporate Kingdom Principles into life, family, ministry and business. College credit is available through our strategic partnership with Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary.

Leadership Roundtables

We bring leaders together from diverse backgrounds to connect, share ideas and engage with each other on timely and impactful issues.


The expertise of our directors, contributors and partners provide a wealth of experience in ministry, education, business, media, government and international cultures that has proven very valuable to a diverse group of leaders in ministry, business, government and industry.


Mentoring has been a key part of our Leadership Development Program for years. Mentoring is as much about relationships and impartation as it is the transferring  of knowledge. As such, this is on a case by case basis.

Provide Speakers

Our network of leaders and experts are available to speak on a number of topics and in diverse venues upon invitation. Each invitation is considered. You can request a specific speaker or ask us to make a recommendation based upon your need.

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