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Randy Kutz

Executive Director, Kingdom Leadership International

Randy is the Associate Pastor at Foundation Stone Christin Church in Northwood, Ohio and is a prophetic-pastor who is passionate about serving the people of God and equipping them to hear God's voice. Ordained in 1996 he has served as a local church elder, youth pastor, and Associate Pastor. He has worked apostolically and prophetically on many local and extra-local teams including other nations (e.g., Haiti, Peru, Wales, England, Guatemala, Honduras and Grenada).


He earned his B.A. in History from the University of Toledo and has a personal interest in early American history as it relates to the faith of America's founding fathers. Randy oversees multiple ministry teams and is a highly sought after mentor from young and emerging leaders. Prior to entering full-time pastoral ministry Randy was a Director at Cherry Street Mission Ministries where he learned to lead and motivate in some areas of the cities harshest conditions with some great people.


Randy is a sincere and humorous speaker who brings authenticity and passion for getting close to the heart of God. Randy is married to Jennifer and through personal tragedy they have learned to walk in Christ’s love, together they have four children Eliana Ruth (living in heaven), Sophia Grace, Samuel Robert, and Tabitha Hope.

Authored by Randy

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